Behind the Curtain

I am a recent college graduate. I studied English and received minors in Visual Arts and Art History. These things are not necessarily related…so if you don’t see a connection…that’s okay. But I am interested in all three so, there you go. Recently I added a Masters degree in Education and a Single Subject Teaching Credential to my resume. I am working on being the best teacher I possibly can be and loving the challenges that come along with it. I am also trying to add “being healthy and fit” to the list of things that I embody…so stay tuned for cooking tips and possibly some adventures in exercise!

As my blog implies, I am, by nature’s grace, a ginger kid. So this is my little corner of the Internet where my life, aspects of being a ginger, aspects of being a woman, aspects of being creative, aspects of being a Latter-day Saint (aka MORMON -gasp-) and a dash of nonsense come together for your enjoyment or criticism…..feel free to chime in.


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