Greetings from Amman


So, after about a 17 hours of flying time (about 9 to Paris, France and another 8 to Amman, Jordan) we were welcomed by his majesty Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein (Arabic: عبد الله الثاني بن الحسين‎, ʿAbdullāh aṯ-ṯānī ibn al-Ḥusayn). Okay, so he didn’t great us personally, but there was a big sign in the baggage claim area.

It’s hard to describe exactly what Amman looks like on first sight because it was about 8pm and I was pretty tired. But I was, stupidly so, kind of surprised by how many lights there were.

People don’t really give you any cushion when you’re stopped at stop lights. We’re in a big bus, but I looked over at one point and the truck next to me was probably less than an arms length away from the car in front of it. They have a lot of the same cars we have here; I guess I anticipated it being a little more like Italy or France where they have smaller cars.

Our hotel is very nice; there was even dinner waiting for us when we got in last night. So far the food has been very good. There seems to be a mix of Mediterranean and American food, but I haven’t asked if what they serve in the dining room is “traditional” or not.

We did learn some phrases while we were on the bus and a lot of cool information actually. First the word for thank you is “shukran” pronounced shock-run. If you want to tell someone let’s go you say, “yassa havibi.” That’s probably not how you spell it, but it’s the way I hear it.

Haha, anyway…it’s about time to go down to breakfast and get packed up for the day. We are going to a place called Jerrash (I’ll spell it right later). And we’re going to drive through the mountains Gillead (like the song Balm in Gillead).

Ma’a salama مع السلامة

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