So, last time I confided that I was getting ready for my first competition and the results are in! Well, they’ve been in since, essentially, the end of the day of the competition… Anyway!


CrossFit Fontana's Logo

CrossFit Fontana’s Logo

My team {Sal, Siera, Fernando, and I} met up at Sal’s house around 7:30am and headed down to CrossFit Fontana. We “bonded” with some ghetto rap music and talked a little strategy. I realized that I was nervous; I was excited. I knew that we had a pretty good chance of doing well because we had done really well during our practices and that was when we were tired from other workout and the day’s demands and of course we didn’t have competition adrenaline racing through our veins.

Deadlift Junkies

Deadlift Junkies

We did really well during all of the work outs and held a consistent 4th place through all 7 heats at the modified/scaled level of the competition. Out of 20 teams, we ended in 4th. We were all proud of our performance given that none of us had competed like this before. Here are some pictures of me from the last work out.



Sumo Dead Lift High Pull with a kettle bell

Now, I’m looking at this picture thinking that I should be keeping that kettle bell closer to my body…. Haha…

Sumo Dead Lift High Pull with a kettle bell

Sumo Dead Lift High Pull with a kettle bell


And now, my next adventure looms!

I love this!


I finally get to travel again. I leave the U.S. on Saturday!


Hurrah for Israel!

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