If You Get a Chance, Take It…

Last time, I mentioned that I had turned in my thesis and so forth. I had a lot of revisions I needed to do. When I got the news that I would not receive approval on my thesis I was pretty distraught. A few of my friends have heard me compare how I felt to having someone say you have an ugly baby. You spend a lot of time with your thesis as you’re working on it. Unlike a baby, you can step away from it and neglect for a few days without feeling like an awful person, but you invest a lot of yourself into the work you do. And then you expose it to others who are more knowledgeable than you and either they love it or they hate it. And regardless, they’ll probably have some criticism and suggestions on what to fix. In my case it was 50/50 on the love hate – one reader loved it and the other did not – but there was a lot of revision, tightening, and clarification that needed to be done to bring out the lovable side. So I guess I created a Frankenstein-esque Monster thesis?

This is what I was aiming for...

This is what I was aiming for…

This is what I ended up with…

Eventually, I got over the initial shock of feeling like I was a failure and got to work on the revisions. I cut a significant amount of information and refined my ideas a lot. I ended up cutting about 20 pages off the entire thing (including the appendices). I was a bit nervous with what I was going to submit because I was concerned that I didn’t have it as clear as it needed to be to clearly communicate my ideas and demonstrate what I learned. I made a lot of interesting observations while I worked and started to make new connections as well. It took me about 10 days to finish my revisions and send it to my adviser.

How I felt when I found out my revisions were approved.

How I felt when I found out my revisions were approved.

Now I’m really working on the job search. I wasn’t hearing much from  the schools that I had applied to, but last week I applied to a school near my mom’s house and I have an interview on Wednesday. I’m pretty excited about it. It will mean leaving SB, but if that’s what I need to do, then it’s what I’m going to do.

To preoccupy myself while I look for jobs I’ve been doing a lot of different stuff. I’ve been working out pretty hard for one. I think that’s one of the things I’ve hated and enjoyed the most haha…. Today was a pretty great work out. I ran a total of 2 miles. It was not consecutive, but I’m not sure if I could’ve done it as one long run. I broke up the run with some squats and things. Last week I went on a beautiful hike! It was the same day I turned my final, bound version of my thesis in. The hike was a struggle, because I’m not much of a hiker and it was pretty steep. But the view from the “top” was beautiful and totally worth the time and the sweat. And on the way down, I even tried to bust my ankle. Fortunately my foot and ankle were fine. haha

Stunna shades

Me on a real big rock….

I wish I knew why the LOL was upside down?

Some rock art and a beautiful view…

Getting close to sunset…

Love that I can be on a mountain looking at the ocean.

Jus’ me…

Pretty soon I’m gonna get a new driver’s license. I’ve managed to keep my picture from when I got my driver’s license at 16 for almost 10 years now. haha… It’s…a pretty old picture.

8 years ago I looked like this.... haha

8 years ago I looked like this…. haha

Later this month, I will be a quarter of a century old. Hopefully it will be a little more fun than last year, hm? haha… It’s strange to think that if I were going to live until I was 100 years old, I’d have lived a quarter of my life so far. I think I’ve accomplished quite a bit in that time frame. And I managed not to mess up too much along the way.  Here’s to at least another 25 years, hm?


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