In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning…

Here I am again; another night where I am awake, much later than I intended, and thinking back over the last year. It’s been a bumpy ride, lemme tell ya. It’s been over a year since I moved to Santa Barbara. I can congratulate myself – I now have another degree as well as my Teaching credential. I’ve reached another milestone in my life though not the one I was so excited for last year when I made the trip to be at TEP Orientation.

M.Ed and Single-Subject Teaching Credential

M.Ed and Single-Subject Teaching Credential

Currently, I am looking for a teaching position, preferably high school. I don’t know where I want to live. I have been thinking and praying about it a lot over the last few months, and especially the last few weeks, as I’ve put out applications and finished up my thesis. In some ways it would be nice to be home again, but there is a part of me that wants to stay in this beautiful place.

Just one of the gorgeous views in Santa Barbara.

Just one of the gorgeous views in Santa Barbara.


Beautiful sunset at Goleta Beach

That’s a whale…

I’m not sure if it’s the people I’ve met or just the things I have seen that make me want to stay. Most likely a combination… It could be a scary experience, to be honest, to be here as a “grown up.” So to speak… Haha, oh man… Pretty soon I’ll have to be  “real person.” But staying could be an awfully big adventure also.

There have been a lot of songs this year that have really resonated with me and ones that have become favorites while I’m working out and others for driving and such. I absolutely love music. haha…

  • Rihanna – Stay
  • David Guetta – Lunar
  • Emile Sande
  • The Postal Service
  • Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me (and several other songs)
  • The list goes on….

I guess I don’t have much more to write about tonight. I’ve come a long way in the last 12 months. Next month I’ll be a quarter century old. Haha, that’s pretty cool and crazy at the same time. I wonder what 25 has in store for me.

I don’t feel quite so upset about it…but it’s kinda true.


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