Maybe I’ll Invest in an Anteater…

Oh man… This was a really great weekend. I did not do anything substantially awesome, but it was nice to be home and be in my own space for a few days. I brought a few things home so I can move easily. Chances are I will not be staying in Santa Barbara this upcoming year. But, I’m okay with that.

Let’s talk about being home for a second. I love being home because I have my own room, my own bathroom (until brother or other peoples come to visit), and enough closet space for everything to be in the closet {on it’s own hanger}. I can do laundry whenever I want and I don’t have to worry about there being laundry in there already… I also have a ceiling fan. That fan has become my best friend during the summer months, and even during the fall. Let’s not forget the pool in the backyard. Plus, my mom is there and she spoils me…a little… Whooo-wee.

I really do!

But then there are a few little things that are…not great. Really, just 3 things that I’m going to complain about…

  1. Ants. I swear my house is built on top of an immortal ant hill. They crawl over everything and almost nothing is safe. Clothes, the bathroom, the computer desk? Yeah, they’re crazy.

    I need a good ant road block…

  2. “Water beetles” or cockroaches. I’m not sure which, but we get them. They’re ugly, creepy, disgusting things that just wander around. One brazenly walked out into the middle of the living room on Thursday night. We attacked it with roach spray but the little bugger was resilient and we still don’t know where it is or if it finally died. Hopefully the ants find him… I bruised my hand in the process of trying to slay the miscreant. I looked up cockroach and brown water beetle images on google? Yeah, at least 1 of the pictures was EXACTLY THE SAME!
    Awfully similar creepy-crawlies! I'm not okay with this...

    Awfully similar creepy-crawlies! I’m not okay with this…

    Talk about gross. I have a fear of these brown roach beetles. One invaded my space about 6 years ago and was on my FACE while I slept. Obvi, I’m not over it.

  3. I know I said there was a third thing, but I honestly can’t remember what it was now… It’ll come back to me…


Anyway, this week is the week! Tomorrow is the big day! It’s the day that I defend my thesis.

Yup, it’ll be kinda like that. Haha… Probably not. Around 1 pm I’ll show up to discuss my work with two members of the faculty. One of them has a wikipedia page, so that’s a little intimidating. He’s an authority in writing; teaching of writing; English education; literacy; language arts; writing across the curriculum; higher education writing; and composition.  And the other has done a TedxTalks. He is an authority on educational relations (trust and authority); improvisation; as well as learning and inquiry. Haha, no pressure right?  I’m only writing about taking risks and making choices as a way to promote life-long learning and foster better learning…

Well, I better finish getting ready to go back to SB. I’ll be moving my bike back down to C-town and I’m borrowing a jeep to do it. haha, it’ll be an adventure.



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