Ups, Downs, Backs, and Forths…

Yes, I realize that “forths” is not a word, but it works for my purposes. Furthermore, in light of my work with M.Ed I have discovered that as long as I can define the word it can be used. So, ha.

June 16th marked graduation.

I Master'd it!

I Master’d it!

I had finished the first final draft of my thesis and submitted it to my group. We’ve done our peer edit session and I’ll be working on my corrections next.  Woohoo, go me. There will be a lot of fat trimming that I probably should’ve done it before I submitted the draft.

Tonight I’m thinking about life. I am both excited and nervous about the upcoming months. I’ve applied to about 9 different schools. And so far, I have only heard back from one. And the email stated that they decided not to go ahead with hiring for that position, but I was encouraged to apply for other positions in the district (there aren’t any, I checked). I’m not really worried about finding a job just yet, but it is on my mind.

I’ve also been excited that Drop Dead Diva is coming back. I am SO excited to watch it. I have missed Jane. I have especially missed Tony, but he has been gone for a long time. And the Judge guy is pretty awesome…

Having my mom come for graduation was really fun. While we were out she told me that my brother has a friend who takes pictures of benches. I thought that was an interesting idea. Then yesterday I saw a really cool piece of street art. I thought it would be interesting to start collecting photos of street art. It was also suggested that I could use it in my class for writing assignments and discussion on the story behind the art and the impact this kind of art might have on the world.

Buffalo Girl?

Buffalo Tattoo

Pretty interesting…

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