Choose a Long Book…

One of the objectives in the English 11 class I teach is to read books. The goal is to read 500+ pages by the end of each semester. This means 2 books, one per quarter. One book should be non-fiction and the other may be fiction. When the new quarter started my students were asked to pick new books and provide answers for the following information:

Book title:
Author’s name:
Page count:

Why did you choose this book?

Pretty standard stuff. As I was flipping through the cards with the selected books, feeling sick to my stomach over various things, feeling confused, ready to curl up on my cooperating teachers couch and cry and sleep away the frustration while listening to Ed Sheeran’s “Kiss Me,” “Give Me Love,” and “Sunburn” I came upon something that I couldn’t ignore. It made me smile in a sad way.

“I hate when I like a story and it ends too soon. So I chose a long book.” (the book is 558 pages long)

The only book I’ve chosen that has been entirely too long is the one about my education. haha, I’m ready for that story to be mostly over. I want to choose a long book. I don’t want to be sad because a story is ending too soon, but it seems like that’s what has been happening a lot lately. They start out with really great plots and details, but then it seems like they fade away or maybe the pages are missing.

Anyway…only 34 days left in this school year. Graduation is June 16 for me. Should hear back about edTPA scores next week or so? Starting to apply for jobs. Who knows what will happen next.



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