I’m a Slacker, and I Know It…

As the title might have hinted, I’m a slacker and I know it. Haha, all my positive plans to write more, workout more, etc have been sorta put on the back burner.

Here’s a quick run down:

School is incredibly hectic. Lots of work jam packed schedule. Recently attended CATE, a big teacher conference. This weekend I will participate in interview panel with hopeful TEP candidates.

My students have been testing me, but I feel like that is to be expected. It’s not my favorite thing to be stern, but more and more I see it needs to be done.

I’ve been trying to work out 3 times a week. I don’t dictate which days, just 3. I was inspired by fellow student teacher and friend, she is training for a 5k, and decided to look into a 5k training app. In addition to changing my eating habits, I have lost about 8lbs and I have noticed a difference in clothes and body.

All in all, GTC


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