Okay, I’m a Believer – Movie Watching Workouts!

Last night I did something that I was pretty skeptical about. I’ve seen pins on Pinterest for “work outs” that you’re supposed to do when you watch a movie. Personally, that sorta sucks all the fun out of sitting and watching a movie, but when you’re sitting around with your friends and you all groan  because you have to get up and do lunges? That’s pretty funny.

Pitch-slap your muscles!

I was invited to watch Pitch Perfect and do an ab workout. While I find the movie rather funny, it wasn’t enough to laugh we did some actual exercises when certain things happened:

  1. When someone throws up – 10 push-ups
  2. When Bumper (lead in Treble Makers) is crude – 20 crunches
  3. When anyone mentions the word cardio – “horizonal running” for 1 minute. Lay on your side and elevate your legs while you “run.”

    “I’m doing horizontal running…”

  4. When Lily (the really quiet Barden Bella) says something creepy – Reverse situps (leg raises)
  5. When Kimmy Jinn glares at Becca – alternating ankle reaches
  6. When Stacie says/does something sexual – hip raises
  7. When the announcer says something sexist – 10 bicycles
  8. When anyone says something with the “a ca”(a ca-awkward, a ca-scuse me?, etc) in front of it – 10 lunges

I feel like there were possibly more, but I can’t think of them at the moment…It was pretty fun to do this work out and I didn’t feel too badly for the procrastination aspect of it either. Plus, I got to socialize which is {almost} always a good thing.

The music in this movie is actually very good too. I bought the soundtrack. I’ve been buying a lot of new music lately though. Partly for working out and partly jus’ cuz I wanna. BOOM!   Haha =]   Any recommendations out there for workout jams?

Side-note: I’m in a really good place today. Scripture study rocked and this weekend is basically 4 days. I’ll likely spend it finishing up some lesson plans/lesson prep, but I am also going to get another facial and try to get myself on a sleep schedule.

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