It’s My Turn

So as I once posted in an incredibly deep way on Facebook, “Now that 2012 did not end the way I had hoped nor has 2013 started out the way I had anticipated, I wonder what adventures are in store for me…”  This year I’ve decided is going to be a year of change and Challenges. Notice that is challenges with a “C.” I have decided to give myself the following Challenges:

  1. Gratitude challenge – I already talked about this one. Record 5 things every week that I am grateful for.
  2. Read the book my mom gave me for Christmas
  3. It’s My Turn aka the 90-day Body by ViSalus challenge
  4. Scripture study challenge – read scriptures for 30 mins a day (first thing in the morning).

First on my list tonight of things to record while I procrastinate my lesson plans a bit longer is to record my  things I’m grateful for from last week because I didn’t get around to posting on Sunday.

  1. I am incredibly grateful for my faith. I am grateful for the way it helps me through hard times and allows me to have a bigger picture.
  2. I am grateful for my mother. No, I’m not just saying that. She has been incredibly supportive of me the last few weeks even though I’ve been in really crabby moods. She loves me and it is apparent in everything she does.
  3. I am grateful to be living in a country where I can obtain an education and choose my own career. I know I gripe about school and how much work it is, but I am truly grateful that I was able to choose where my life would take me as far as what I wanted to study and where.
  4. I am grateful not to live in the snow anymore. That may seem silly to say, but I am definitely affected by seasons and such and so snow/winter in Utah was not really my friend. At least not when I needed to be productive.
  5. I am grateful for music. Music has the ability to lift the spirit and quicken the heart. To give courage and confidence and I am glad that I am able to hear music.

Second, MEd met today and that was actually a pretty productive meeting. I’ll post some of my visual representations later, but I think I’m getting a more clear idea of what I want to investigate!


Next, the third thing on my Challenges list was the 90-day Challenge from ViSalus. I am a little embarrassed to be posting this publicly. I guess there is a reason why we tend to stick to our goals when we make them public. It some how holds us a little more accountable, eh?  Essentially, ViSalus is a weight loss program that uses shakes and a few dietary supplements to support a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.  If you’re familiar with Herbal Life, I think it’s sorta similar to that.  I have already been working out and eating better; I’ve felt a lot better, but I need a little extra help so starting tomorrow I’ll be substituting two of my normal meals with these shakes and I’m rather excited about this adventure. I decided that there is no better time than now and it’s my turn.

To be freakin' hot yo!

To not feel embarrassed by my body at the gym, at the beach, or at the mall.

AND now something more fun, my current jams.

T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)  –
The Fighter – Gym Class Heroes
Give Me Everything – Pitbull
Say You’re Just a Friend – Austin Mahone

I guess I should really get back to work now. I don’t want to be up all night. Have an awesome week!


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