Gratitude Challenge

Tonight I feel pretty grateful. There are so many things in my life I am grateful for and today was an especially good example.  I read a blog post today from someone else that I actually saw posted on Facebook. The post got me thinking about the small moments in life where we think about “my that was lucky” or “oh man, thank goodness” and so forth. I was on the freeway and I was pretty deep in thought, though I can’t remember what I was thinking about right now. I wasn’t entirely paying attention to the other lanes, but I had my eye on the road in front of me. There was a van in the lane next to me that started to merge over on top of me, no blinker or anything. I swerved and honked and then, as the driver in the other car waved his hand and my car (and I) regained our bearings, it occurred to me how lucky I had been not to get into an accident. I felt really shaken up, like Harry Potter after seeing a Dementor.

As the rest of my day passed and I thought about that incident and the past few weeks, and some advice from someone wiser than myself.  I decided I should take the challenge to write about something I am grateful for each day, but I don’t think I’ll post everyday. Likely I’ll just post once a week with 5 things I’m grateful for.

Another challenge I’ve given myself, is to not eat sweets for 21 days. I have been successful for about 3 days now and I’m pretty proud of myself. Haha, only 18 more days to go.

Life is still hard, but I know by taking each day as it comes it will get a little easier. The things that cause pain and bring tears to my eyes, ache to my heart will begin to fade and I will be happier because of it.  I am a good person. I care about people and I will go on caring about people for as long as I live. I have chosen a profession that will allow me to do that for as long as I want. And I’m excited for the future to bring good things.

As Doctor Who once said, “And don’t blink. Good luck.”

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