Spa Day

Another thing to check off my bucket list, that I didn’t know I would ever want to check off. I went to get a facial today. My skin has been really crazy ever since I finished undergrad. Absolutely aggravated and sore. In the words of the technician? Pissed off. We bonded and she told me all about how I have really clean skin and the problem stems from my skin being dry and traumatized. She told me that I shouldn’t use hot water and that I need to be careful to rinse all the cleanser off, and not to touch my face if I can help it. She also said that it would be good to eat lots of greens and drink lots of water, and suggested that taking some time off to forget the world. It felt really good to get a facial and afterward I had a massage.

It’s interesting that there are so many pieces to keeping your skin and your body healthy.  Haha…

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