Smattering of the Last Week…

Since I’ve been back home for Christmas, I’ve not been good about blogging. I have had some interesting insights, but also have been duking it out with my own emotions. I won’t go into that much, except to say that Taylor Swift’s song I Almost Do is kinda how I’m feeling these days. Not really what is happening, but sorta how it feels.

Christmas is great! I love Christmas. I love Christmas most, when my family is acting like a family! Sometimes that becomes difficult. Mormon people like to get engaged around Christmas. It’s both sweet and annoying. So there’s that. This year, we went with my step-mom to a candle lighting ceremony in the Palisades area. And we saw this guy…

Ben Affleck

No, I didn’t not talk to him. No, I didn’t take a picture of him. Instead I stood and watched him with his daughter, Violet, and his mother while we all sang Silent Night and held our candles so they wouldn’t get hot wax on our fingers. It was really sweet to hear him talking to his daughter. I don’t know much about celebrities, but I figure he must be a pretty good guy if he goes to Christmas church events, even if he only went because his mother asked him to.

Christmas was filled with the usual baking on my behalf. I made rolls and cinnamon bread like we have every year. And every year I get just a little bit better at making both. This year was declared the best bread and rolls yet. They were just perfect. Let’s see if I can do better next year. hahaha…

I had planned to write some amazing and thoughtful thing here, full of my usual hilarity but I’m coming up short on things to say.

I’ve decided that after I graduate (so June-August 2013) I am going on a cruise with at least 1 other person. Possibly, with one or both of the besties from BYU. I want to lighten up… Sometimes I take myself too seriously. I don’t want to be the kind of teacher that kids are scared of because they think my face would break if I crack a smile. I want to be the one they respect because I try to relate to them.

My resolution is to be the best me, I can be, and to continue to progress and move forward with my life while taking a few (calculated and exciting) risks.

Forgive. Be kind. Be honest. Be happy. Do good. Give your best.


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