Tree People

I was walking around on a junior high school campus and thinking about my life. Where am I going and where did I think I was going to be when I was this age. I was feeling like things were finally falling into place until December started. And so I was thinking about what had “gone wrong” and what I should do differently in the future and then I saw this:

Two trees, growing away from each other….

It got me thinking. If trees grow so that their limbs and leaves will get the most sunshine then sometimes they must grow away from where they were planted. Sometimes two people grow right next to each other but at some point they begin to grow away from each other so they can get the things they need. Sometimes their lives (or their leaves) may come cross but, they don’t stay connected. Their branches they aren’t really… growing together.  Nearby these two trees I saw another tree.

Two trees growing toward each other.

Two trees growing toward each other.

I’m sure it’s just coincidental that these two trees started to grow this way, but in an effort to get all the nutrients and sunshine the trees need they started to grow away from other obstacles that stood nearby and started to grow toward each other; their branches start to cross over into each other. Relationships are like that. We start in one place and we take a risk  and try to grow up and out so that we can be the best person we can be and at the same time we start to grow toward other people and eventually our lives intersect.

These trees are both reminders and encouragement. The closest tree, or person, isn’t always your best option for happiness. Sometimes you need to grow away from the the most “logical” direction and take chances.


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