Change in the Wind – Good Things to Come

So the last few weeks have been quite the adventure. What started as a nerve racking trip to meet my possible future in-laws ended with an unexpected change in what I pictured in my future and a strange feeling of relief. I was thinking about why break-ups are so hard and why relationships don’t seem to make any sense.

We fall in love with a person and we give ourselves to them fully. We risk being hurt or betrayed, we consider changing our life plans, we find ourselves making long term plans and then something happens and everything changes. You break-up. The hardest thing about breaking up isn’t necessarily losing that person you love. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a pretty terrible thing to go through. But feeling like you can never find someone who will make you happier or that you could love more? That you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable to someone new, or more than on person, before you can find that love again.

So then you have to let that change in the wind take you forward. You have to take a step into the dark and be willing to admit that you did your best and that you will continue to do your best so that you can be happy again some day. I think that is where I am right now. I did my best. I loved without holding back and now I know what I’m capable of.

Good things to come.


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