Vivid and Violent Nighttime Visions

So usually you have nightmares as a kid because it’s dark, your older brother told you a scary story, your less than responsible baby sitter let you watch a scary movie, or simply because that’s what imaginations and your subconscious do when you’re not keeping them in line.

I feel as though I was fairly lucky growing up because I didn’t often have nightmares and if I did, I don’t remember them. But I think sometime after I turned 10 I started having some very creepy and sometimes violent and bizarre dreams. And sometimes I was in control of those dreams and sometimes I was…not. And let me tell you, for someone who likes to know they are in control, those were not fun.

Anyway, I was going to wait to talk about these scary dreams until I had some amazingly wonderful, vivid visuals for you but I thought I’d get this done now instead while I am thinking about it.
Dream #1
I am running through what appears to be a swap meet or flea market. And I mean bookin’ it. Forrest Gump would have nothin’ on me. In my arms? A purple blanket. I’m not sure what the significance is of this purple blanket as 1. I don’t remember having a “blankie” and 2. I didn’t particularly like purple as a child. But I’m running as though that purple blanket is the world’s last supply of apocalyptic-disease-free-air while being chased by either zombies created by aforementioned apocalyptic disease or by humans who do not want to be infected. And then the camera angle shifts, because that’s how my dreams play – like mini movies behind my eyelids, and there is a large, bald man running after me screaming about how the blanket is his. If it’s truly his, I don’t know and I don’t know how or where I got it. I just know I do and that I don’t want to give it back and am most relieved when after running into a tent a GINORMOUS Santa Claus statue falls on the fat, bald man who was chasing me. No, he was not a zombie, but he did die.

This was a recurring dream I had. I’ve not had it in several years, but now that I’ve written about it…who knows.

Dream #3
Now this particular dream started after I read the Harry Potter series as well as some paranormal teen fiction about vampires and werewolves, mind you I am old enough to remember those books prior to the rise of Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series. I’m talking about Blood and Chocolate, things like that.  Moving on. This dream brings wolves and dementors together. Mind you, not werewolves, but wolves and apparently I was a wolf. Keep in mind, that I was one of the last wolves alive in this dream when it started and after the first night I had it, consecutively, for 3 more nights. Each night more wolves would die until the last night I had it, it was just me. Alone, in a tree stump. Hiding or waiting perhaps. And that was how the dream “ended.” That one I also have not had for many years.
Now this next dream is not a recurring dream because I just had it for the first time this morning. I chose to sleep in a bit (about 15 mins or so) and thought I’d made a great decision until I realized I was dreaming. And in my dream I was with 2 small children that I didn’t recognize. Now this isn’t alarming until it became apparent that we were in a tent in the wilds of some country where giant locusts had come. I take this for a bad sign that we found like 8 of them in our tent. My futile attempts to get them out of our tent without touching them foiled, I start to catch them with my hat and toss them outside. But again, that camera angle shifts and suddenly I see a field of African men in the fields with several elephants. And the script, provided by my subconscious, informs me that these men use elephants like we use horses or cows to plow fields etc. However, one of these beautiful animals was either really old or just having a bad day and was being really lazy. The next thing I know there’s this scene like out of Water for Elephants and the elephant is attacked by like ten men with what looks like a cross between a machete and a rake! Then of course there is an obligatory close up of the gore left behind as the skin was torn away and the ribs and muscles are exposed. That image was followed by a few more disturbing images with monkeys, hyenas, and lions but I don’t think you need much more information that that. I sat up feeling terrified and disgusted and I felt like I needed to SAVE ALL THE ELEPHANTS!  And then I remembered I’m broke.

I think I’m starting to be less of a terrible student teacher. I haven’t gotten anyone in trouble and I’ve actually been able to take some time to teach too. Next week I’ll be “taking over” the class for 3 days. And that should be pretty interesting.  TTFN.

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