Real Hard & Real Fun

In my typical fashion, it is well after anyone who would read my blog has gone to sleep and therefore no one will likely see it, but that is really okay.  I realized that I haven’t written much about GRAD school in awhile or about TEP. This is a grievous mistake and will be rectified presently.

Grad school has been an amazing challenge. In the words of our facilitators, or rather in words I may be giving to them, they have completely leveled our beliefs about teaching and started to give us the tools and materials to build up new beliefs that will out perform our old beliefs about teaching.

We took a mini-SCWriP (South Coast Writing Project) course in which we learned about writing and why it is important for students to learn to write, specifically in OTHER subjects matters not just in their English class. We learned a lot, but one thing I hadn’t thought of was that they will be more willing to write if they see their teacher writing too. I gained a lot of possible future activities for my classroom and am excited to be transitioning into student teaching.

I am working at a local high school – primarily 11th grade, but maybe some 12th grade AP English. The focus is more on non-fiction texts, but I think this will be a really good opportunity to see some Common Core Curriculum at work and maybe even come up with some of my own lesson plans that are Common Core compliant.  Monday is the first day of school and I’m getting pretty excited to be in the place I’m in.

Over the weekend (aka Saturday, 8/18) I turned 24. Have you ever tried to remember what your life was supposed to be like when you turned 24? Remember all the dreams you had and the ideas about who you were going to marry, what you would be doing, where you’d be living, the kind of dog you’d have, and how many kids you’d be raising?  I don’t think I ever got myself beyond maybe 22 before I figured I’d be married. I never imagined myself with children, though I know I wanted them. But now that I’m 24 and I’m not yet married and I’m still going to school…? I’m glad that I’m NOT married with 2 kids and a third on the way. I’m glad that I’m at a point in my life where I can have this educational experience and be preparing for a career where I feel like I may be able to make a difference.

Boyfriend came to visit me for my birthday. =] It was nice to see him. He met most of the family; darling lil bro calls him by name and I have yet to hear him say mine. That’s okay I guess…. Boyfriend had an interview with a company based in Los Angeles earlier this week and we’re crossing our fingers that they’ll have good news for him soon.

I’ve come to the realization that I am making some pretty good real and close friends. I think there was a pretty big part of me that has had walls up against getting to really know people and let loose. Tonight I got to go out with a lot of my peers/colleagues and listen to great music, dance, and just have fun. I hadn’t realized until tonight how much it means to me that I’m considered part of the group and am not an anomaly that is just sorta allowed to float around near by. I have friends here. I feel accepted and wanted and it amazes me that as I have started to come to this realization how much more I have learned both in the classroom and on the knoll. As well as other places too, I guess.


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