What did you learn today?

So for those of you who don’t know or are incredibly unobservant, I just started my masters and credential work at UCSB.  This program is going to be amazing. I was thinking about mascots and what the mascot would be at the school I ultimately end up teaching at and then I thought all the things I’ve “been” in school.

Multiple personalities?

Anyway, that’s really beside the point. So….moooving on!

I started classes on Monday, July 16th. And yesterday I took some time to sit off by myself and just enjoy some nature. I was watching a hummingbird and I thought about smashing a goldfish cracker up for it, but then I couldn’t remember whether or not hummingbirds only eat nectar from flowers. They also have to eat like every 15 minutes and have the fastest wing beats and heart beats!

Fast, small, super active and GORGEOUS!

So I googled it. Apparently, hummingbirds eat nectar and small insects (flying or non flying – like spiders). How interesting is that?  Then I saw a bee. Now, considering that bees are relatively small but slightly dangerous I haven’t given them much thought aside from. Bees buzz; the louder they buzz the more danger you’re in because they’re really effing close to you. Bees make honey; I don’t know how or why, but they collect pollen and make honey.

So, bee vests, yes?

Recently, I’ve learned a lot about honey: it tastes different depending on where the bee has been collecting pollen. It will also look different and granulate differently for that same reason.  But apparently bees make honey by chewing the pollen that they’ve collected for a really long time and then depositing it into beeswax.  They also make the beeswax.  It starts out as flakey stuff on their bellies and then they manage to remove it and chew it themselves, or have a friendly neighbor bee chew it until it becomes white and pliable. Then they build or repair the combs with it. Weird right?  So essentially, we steal their food….and eat their homes. Haha….

Anyway, I’ve been learning a lot this week about life. I’ve been learning about myself and as I learn more about “learning,” education, and in some ways teaching I’m more and more excited about my choice to apply to this program.  The experiences I’ve had in the last week alone are pushing me to keep learning.

I’m also really excited about the people I’m meeting. It seems like there are just so many different kinds of people in the program. Maybe not entirely different, but we all have our own unique backgrounds, opinions, and motivations for wanting to teach.  There are about 5 people (including me) in my cohort and thus far I’ve gotten to know the two guys fairly well. I may have to get a skateboard though to fit in with them…haha…and then I’d break my arm.

I had a ton of other things I wanted to talk about, but I’m tired now. A nap would be wonderful….or a massage. Or both? Haha…. Boyfriend asked me what my feelings would be about transferring to another program if necessary. It was sad to think I might not get to finish this learning experience, but I’d be open to it if it were necessary I think.


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