Not-Learning vs. Failure

So today as part of my lengthy, but enlightening, reading assignment I discovered a new term/concept! It’s new to me anyway…  The reading assignment was an article called I won’t learn from you!The Role of Assent in Learning. Now, from the title you are probably asking, what the crap I’m talking about. But the whole idea behind this is that some of the students that you think are “problem” students are actually not failing to learn something rather they are choosing to not-learn it.

Mind blown yet?  So that kid who sits and talks through the whole class and doesn’t do any work?  It’s not because he CAN’T learn or comprehend whatever is being taught. It’s because he’s chosen to not-learn it. He is capable of understanding and performing, but has chosen not to allow the information to be learned. Some students do this because they are resisting racism or social expectations.

Simplest example: It’s not that little Timmy can’t learn to read or tried and failed. Timmy decided he didn’t want to learn to read because of X reason. Maybe because his jerk-face, older brother thinks reading is dumb. And so in order to be “cool” Timmy chooses NOT-LEARN to read by acting out and miss behaving so that he doesn’t have to get near a book.

In other words: Failure implies the attempt to learn something without a successful outcome due to the inability to comprehend and perform well.  Not-learning implies a choice to not attempt to learn something despite having the ability to comprehend and perform well.


How much is your mind bending right now? Knowledge. Bestowed.


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