Surprises All Around

So, last time I wrote I made some “vague” comments about a surprise I was planning. I didn’t want to put anything here that anyone would see  as I didn’t want anyone to spill the beans! But apparently, some things are inevitable. Haha…

About 2 weeks ago, I flew back to Utah to surprise my boyfriend. He’s such a sweet guy and he’s been working 3 jobs this summer, until about a week ago, because he’s saving money to move here at the end of the summer. We’ve been doing the long distance thing. (I really wouldn’t recommend it, but some times you do crazy things for love and if two people really want to make it work, then they can make it work.)

As I’m getting closer and closer to starting school (July 13th – Orientation, July 16th – First day of classes and no, I don’t have an apartment yet….haha oh my goodness…) I realized that:

  1. I missed Boyfriend.

  2. I may not have a lot of time to spend chatting/texting/visiting Boyfriend once school starts – even if he is in CA.

  3. I didn’t have anything to do for about 2 weeks anyway….

  4. JetBlue had some pretty good prices on flights from Long Beach to Salt Lake.


Originally, my flight was supposed to arrive in UT around 11am or so, but there was a 3 hour delay and my flight didn’t land until about 1:30pm. It didn’t really matter; Boyfriend wasn’t going to be home from work until about 5pm or so anyway, so there wasn’t any kind of rush to be there. I ran a bunch of errands with Marg and had some really great laughs until about 6pm when Boyfriend was close to coming over under the pretense of trying sugar cookies for a wedding reception.

Upon his announcement to Sab that he was on his way over, I hid behind the door to the basement and waited……..

Shhhhh….I iz hiding!

I heard him come in and had these insane butterflies-on-crack start flitting about in my stomach. The girls set me up perfectly with some little banter about behaving and I opened the basement door and said, “You know who’s really bad at behaving?”

I couldn’t see Boyfriend’s face, but apparently there was this slo-mo recognition and surprise sequence going on, he looked at me, shook his head and came over to give me the biggest hug. Thankfully there was a bit of a wall between us and the girls because he laid a pretty passionate kiss on me. I’m sure I turned several shades of red.

We had a lot of fun while I was there. We spent time with members of our families, watched movies, went kayaking, and other things like that. Even did a few things we weren’t planning on doing. 😉 It was really nice to get to spend some time with him and he was grateful to have me there as well. I found out that he was apparently planning a trip down here for the SAME TIME FRAME! How romantic romcom is that?! It would’ve been tragically ironic if we had swapped places, don’t you think? While I was there, he found out that his housing contract was sold, so now – job or no job in place – he’s outta that apartment by the end of the summer and hopefully in CA instead.

He doesn’t have this much stuff though… haha

Now that I’m back at home in CA, I’m re-dedicating myself to all the things I need to get done. Finding an apartment is at the top of that list along with exercising, and practicing my face paint is up there too. I want to get really good and I just ordered some new supplies. Hopefully, it will be here before a family birthday party at the beginning of August, so I can have practiced with my new tools and maybe even perfected some new looks.

That’s all for now. Wish me luck!


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