Forget about it…

Haha, so remember that time I said I was going to do P90X? Well, times I guess… Yeah, not so much. P90X got…boring. I know. I can’t believe I’m saying it. I think the workouts are great and all, but I got bored. I was feeling the drive I did the first time I used the videos and so I fell off the bandwagon. So, I was thinking about things that I could do. I wanted to make sure I was still exercising and I have cut back on how much I’m eating as it is. I mean, most sources say that if you’re goal is to lose weight then you need to exercise, eat fewer calories, and make sure you are eating healthy things. So, like I said, I was trying to figure out what I could do. I found that I sit on my arse quite often and do…nothing. Not like I’m sitting doing research for school or looking for housing and jobs. No, I sit and do a whole lotta NOTHING. This is NOT good. I noticed that when we watch movies, my mom will often do some little bit of exercise and it suddenly dawned on me. Why don’t I do that? I have so much spare time, I could easily do SOMETHING. I really have no excuses.

Good point...

Gooooood point….

So, I was thinking I have some deadlines. Not like “omg I’m gonna die if I don’t lose X amount of weight in an irrational amount of time!” But, I would like to work out 2-3 times a week for the next 2 weeks. Then I have a little bit of a “vacation” that may keep me from doing the same work but, I’m going to commit to going for walks (long walks even?) for that vacation time. And then when vacation time is over I’m going to keep that up while I am moving. Then, I hope to restart my 2-3 a week work out regimen while I am doing my summer classes and through the fall.  I think my goal weight should be around 145lbs. Which means…I have quite a ways to go. About 50 pounds. Yikes! In reality, I’m not sure if I will like being that thin. I like having my curves, but it’s about being healthy not thin. So, we’ll see what happens.

Don’t mess with me!

Now, this is my idea of a work out. It’s what I did today.  I start walking from my house and about a .23 miles away from my house is a set of stairs. I go up sideways, so I have to cross over 5 times each leg. Run them 2 at a time 4 times, and run up and down with wide legs (you might be surprised how much this burns). Then I continue walking another .24 miles. Around this time I start running and run the rest of the way home. In total this is about a mile. Once inside I do some circuits. I’ve found so “thigh thinning” and “arm toning” circuit suggestions.

Arms Today: (repeated 4 times with an 8lb weight)
Tricep Extensions – 12-15 reps
Bicep Concentration Curls – 10-15 reps
Tricep Dips – 15-20 reps
Bicep Hammer Curls – 12-15 reps

Between each arm circuit I did one or 2 of the thigh exercises. These are supposed to be “body weight” exercises, which are great if you don’t have weights or access to a gym.  I finished that up with a few biker sit up things.

I want to has evil legs… 😉

There you have it. My workout today. I was sufficiently sweaty at the end and ready to take on the day. I really do have more energy when I get up and work out so, I don’t know why I don’t stay motivated to do it.  My plan is to do that kind of work out 3 times a week and on the other 2 days do the P90X KenPoX and abs, or I may move the abs to MWF. Not sure yet.

You dirty liar!

In other news, I am looking for housing still, still look for a job, and found out that they are going to give me an additional $1,500 toward the block grant I received from the school. All good things. Hopefully things will continue to progress somewhat smoothly. =]


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