So Much Things!

I have many much things to tell the five of you who read this silly thing about my ordinary life. Yes, all five of you are allowed to know about it.

I have been unofficially accepted to UCSB’s Teacher Education Program. CELEBRATE!

WAIT STOP! I said unofficially. That means they are waiting to hear back about my CSET subtest score. If I passed I’m in!


What I'll be doing when I get my results - I hope....

I’m also very excited about this – Alot is better than you at all the things

I was sitting around thinking about my homework assignment: eighty. lines. of poetry. (YES – 80…NOT – 18).  I don’t like writing poetry and I’m sure you all are glad that I have 1. stopped posting my assignments to my blog 2. haven’t posted any poetry to my blog and 3. not asked for comments about my blog or my assignments that I’ve posted on. my. blog…

But alas, the time has come to return to that day. I know…sad day. BUT, this one has a funny story and will maybe make you laugh.

Rules for Death by Poetry (aka Poetry Assignment)

  1. 80 lines of poetry total (5 poems, 10 poems, 8 poems….80 lines total)
  2. Between Poetry assignment 1 and Poetry assignment 2 you must write 4 different types of poetry (learned in class)
  3. No limericks (Depressing?! I think so….)

Seems easy enough, right? So, I had to write 1 more “type” of poetry and I chose a kyrielle. Essentially, this is like a prayer kind of poem traditionally. Multi-stanza’d, rhyming couplets or quatrains, with a refrain. I chose it because I figured it was 1 times however many stanzas less original poetry I’d actually have to write. But, I had to think of a good refrain and it definitely couldn’t be anything serious. I looked around and then up at my cubicle wall where many inspirational things are lovingly pinned. There I saw it.



After I realized what my refrain would be, everyone say it with me, “I CARE ABOUT THIS ALOT!” Very good class! I started to think about the rules of Death by Poetry

*blinking, staring at computer*

*crickets in the back ground chirping*

*eyebrow raise, very…….slowly*

I knew I had to write all. eighty. lines. ABOUT ALOTS!

So, without further ado, here is my 80 line kyrielle about Alots It’s quite long, so I would recommend that thou has thy snack and thy water.

I Don’t Hate by Sarah Cluff

The English Language is tricky,

And grammar can be quite sticky.

Easy to master, I think not.

I care about this alot.

Some things bug me more than others

Just like big or little brothers,

These are problems, get my temper hot

I care about this alot.

Found a blog that sums it up well

Each drawing, truth in comic cell.

More and more, this advice I sought

I care about this alot.

When you find grammar errors online

Deep breaths, I promise you’ll be fine.

Correcting someone, don’t get caught,

I care about this alot.

When words are shortened, hard to read

You think perhaps your eyes will bleed

Typing with 2 fingers they’ve got,

I care about this alot.

Small t’s, replace capital T’s

A lack of all apostrophes

Dexterity an eagle has not,

I care about this alot.

About a wonderful creature

Their silly sentence may feature.

With terror you should not be wrought

I care about this alot.

What is this mystical thing, dear?

Nothing you should really fear.

Or even give a second thought.

I care about this alot.

Alots are strange but friendly beasts.

Whatever food it wants it feasts.

Generally easily caught.

I care about this alot.

They can be pink, they can be green

When made of air, they can’t be seen.

And sometimes hot, or with a spot.

I care about this alot.

Made of fire, mist, beer cans or straw

Made of anything without flaw

Just don’t imagine a gun shot

I care about this alot.

They may be small or very big

They might be sad or like to dig

You won’t see them wear a cravat

I care about this alot.

Sometimes they run, sometimes they’ll charge

Sometimes they might live on a barge

Much less dangerous than a tot

I care about this alot.

Alots are wonderful when they swim

Micheal Phelps? Even better than him.

They really dislike snot

I care about this alot.

A cross between a bear and yak

Sprinkle some pug, and then step back.

Why is this not in schools well taught?

I care about this alot.

Don’t be angry or start to cry

I don’t, and now you know why

When I see the word, joy I’ve begot

I care about this alot.

Remind yourself, I don’t hate

With this imagery, participate

Don’t seek their name out to blot

I care about this alot.

From Hyperbole and a Half

I found myself many a laugh

As such this poem I did jot

I care about this alot.

Now that this poem has come to an end

You on to the blog, I should send.

I bet you’re relieved and not distraught

I care about this alot.

Eighty lines you asked me to write

Quite a fright, I wrote the whole night

But here you see, eighty lines I’ve got

I care about this a lot.


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