And now the waiting…

SOOO my interview as today…rather it was yesterday by the time I hit the publish button.  I have a very good feeling about it, but we’ll find out in a few weeks I think. I don’t remember *when* they said ’cause I was kinda shocked at how quick it is supposed to happen….anywho.

Group interview. 3 candidates (in our room/day). 4 panelists. 2 current program kids. 2 staff members. It was interesting. Not feeling like going into details. Suffice to say that I was exhausted by the end, but I love the area and the program sounds absolutely amazing. I came home and took a 3 hours nap. *angels sing* It was marvelously glorious. It’s been raining all day. We saw 4 accidents on our way TO UCSB and 2 more on the way home. And we were almost an eye witness to a 3rd.

Random thoughts:

My hair often looks hotter when it’s a friggin mess. It’s always an accident. And it is usually after I’ve slept on it (for 3 hours for example).

2 week old babies are adorable.

And I’ve rediscovered “I waste so much time…”

My nails are still drying but I need to pee…

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