The Wonderful World of… Worry?

It is….1 am on the day AFTER Pi day. Happy (belated) Pi day. Woohoo. I did have some apple pie in honor of pi day even though I’m not really a fan of pie. Anyway, it was good pie. So there you go.  I keep finding that I want to writelate at night. I think this is my subconcious thinking….”If you write it at late at night, no one will read it!” Sometimes I think it’s embarrassing that I have a blog. Then I remember there are like a zillion people (and probably their dogs) who have blogs. I’mnot the only one and I’m sure I have more readers them some. So for those of you who DO read my blog posts, thanks. And I won’t be sad if you…comment. Even if it’s just a private email to me….hehe   =]

So, why am I awake at 1am? Because I’m worried. i worry tooooooooo much. But I’m a female and therefore am apparently prone to worrying – especially about people who…I care about. I find myself more and more preoccupied with worry about a few people in particular lately. There are like 3. But the one foremost on my mind is the one I feel like I can talk to the least about it. The one I can’t really help because…yeah. Just because. How do you help a friend, a person you care about, when you technically can’t? Or if you feel awkward about talking to them? At what point do you “cut your losses” and refuse to be present while they act dumb or weird (without alienating them or making them hate you for that matter)?  Is there a way to tactfully say “you’re sinking and I’m jumping ship because I don’t wanna sink, I wanna be the lifeguard who saves you later?”
Life would be so much simpler if we didn’t fall in love or if it didn’t hurt so much/change everything when love doesn’t work out.
P.S. – I hate writing poetry.

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