Breath of Fresh Air…

So, this weekend I had the opportunity to take a mini vacation. I went home this weekend. I had to take a test, but it has been really nice to take a step back from the world of Provo and take a deep breath. Life just gets so hectic and confusing sometimes.And in all honesty the fact that there are so many people there an so much stuff going on that I just get too caught up and can’t slow down.

I’ve been watching a few movies and I have been having just a nice break.Β  But I watched a movie called Lemonade Mouth – it’s a Disney movie – but it was great! It has a dumb name and a silly plot, but I actually really liked the music. The songs were pretty catchy.Β  The other movie I watched was called Limitless. If you haven’t seen that movie, then you really should. It’s such a great movie. It SO interesting.

Anyway, driving back to school tomorrow but back down the following weekend for the interview of my future. Haha, oh deeeeeep breaths girl. Deep breath.

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