Nomadic Caving

Never done it? Not sure I’d recommend it. Granted it’s nice to have a cave to retreat to. But caves are dark and lonely. I should know. I like my cave time.  This week has been both incredibly terrible and terribly incredible. I still think too much. That hasn’t changed. I’m still stupid, most of the time. I’m still a smart aleck, and I still like volleyball. Working out and scripture study have really been the only thing keeping me sane. Sleep is hard to come by. It tends to slip between my fingers. And where does time go anyway?  Eh… People notice things, usually when I don’t want them to. And people you don’t mind asking about it, don’t and the ones you don’t want to talk to about it do.  Everyone has advice. Everyone has opinions. None of it really seems to “fit” right. None of it fills the space or calms the mind. None of it makes me feel any less….wound up.

This week I’m thankful for a friend who watched The Mummy and The Mummy 2 with me and made me get out of my cave, but understood that caves are good, haha. Who doesn’t judge me for the stupid crazy things and doesn’t make me feel like I’m irrational. Who lets me talk and doesn’t begrudge me my silence or my complaints. I’m grateful for friends who invite me to things. I’m grateful for friends who let me have my space. Not so grateful for a few other things….but let’s ignore those things for now.

Missing someone. Scared they don’t miss me.


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