Prison Break

So it occurred to me as I was writing this “analysis” for class, that I should consider putting my stories for my creative writing course here on this lil blog of mine.  They’re not really all that good, but I think some of them are kind funny.  They’re okay for someone who wrote them a few hours before they were to be turned in. haha….anyway, here’s one, the rest will be put up on separate posts.

Prison Break – 1/12/2012

It was a scorcher. Normally, Danny would be enjoying a cool drink as he sat by a pool, but he’d been asked to stay on and help the with maintenance and do some maintenance on the prison walls.  The tall, wooden beams often needed to have more mortar put between them so that the prisoners inside wouldn’t get any bright ideas about escaping.  This was monotonous work, but it was necessary and secretly Danny loved the smell of the mortar. It was a mix of mud, grass, and cinnamon.  He’d been told once that the aroma of cinnamon kept the inmates calm but it wasn’t pleasant enough that they wanted to hang around the walls.

As Danny worked, he heard a call for help from the men assigned to security. Several prisoners had found a way to escape from an area near where Danny was working. He’d been diligently reinforcing the barriers at the north side of the compound when he realized that there had been a breach on the south west side. He was concerned about how he would discourage other more prisoners from getting out while also catching the clever few who had found a weakness in the tall, wooden fence. He reached into his pocket for the pocket knife that his brother had given him earlier that week. He quickly flipped out his new favorite tool and got it angled just right.

“PEW PEW! Take that you pesky ants! That’s what happens when you try to steal dog food. PEW PEW!” Danny smirked, watching the ants dart back and forth. He imagined they must feel the rays of the sun focused close to them by the magnifying glass. Now and then a twig or a leaf would start to smoke. Making small holes in the leaves was cool, but not nearly as fun as watching the ants panic as they tried to run away from the looming death-ray.

A Boy and His Death Ray....

A Boy and His Death Ray....

“Danny?” He heard his mom calling from inside the house and he scrambled back to the garden. “Danny, what’re you doing out there? Are you done weeding the garden yet?”

Danny cleared his throat as he shoved the pocket knife back into his pocket, “Oh, uh nothing mom! I was just taking a little break, but I’m almost done!”

“Well, hurry up or I’ll give your popsicle to the dog.”

Dannylooked up, wondering why on earth his mother had thought to check on his progress with the garden. He saw a little pudgy face at the window, a satisfied smile making her cheeks look fatter than they were. He stuck his tongue out at his sister who was smiling at him from the window. She must have tattled on him. He sighed as he folded up patted the familiar shape of his pocket knife and slipped it back into his pocket, trudging back to the garden.

Prison Break!


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