So I have a few things on mind today.

First and foremost: BOOOOOOOOOOTS!  I love boots. I used to think it looked so dumb when girls would tuck their pants into their boots. But that was back before skinny jeans were in (and before I was in skinny-ish jeans) and when they would tuck the not-so-skinny jeans into their Uggz. Uggs? Ugh! I digress…I love boots. I am probably an addict. I think I have a pair of boots for almost every day of the week now. Or I will atleast, in a few days. (Why do people tell me that “atleast” IS a word but most things [t9, spellcheck, etc] tell me that it is not? I refuse to comply…) Where was I? Oh right, I ordered 2 (yay!) new pairs of boots this morning – from the comfort of my bed! One is a pair of “cognac” colored boots – for you non-color savvy people that is a type of brown. They *should* go up to my knee! YES, THAT’S RIGHT! MY knee.  If you know me or have ever ventured to a shoe store for boots then you know that my giant(18″ around, so yes, they’re pretty giant) calves don’t fit in boots that go higher than mid-calf because the average boot shaft is between 14 and 16 inches. So you see the problem? Big circles don’t fit inside smaller circles, but apprently you could fit that boot INSIDE of my leg. (That’s a strange thought, don’t you think? Can’t wear the boot, but the boot…could…wear…me? *blinking*) BUT I did in fact find a “plus-size-calves” website. It’s called Woman Within…. Okay it’s not literally just for plus sized calves. But they’re cute! And they should…fit. =]

Kayleigh in Cognac!

The other pair of boots are more like ankle boots from a brand called Not Rated.  They’re sold at and a few other places.

Spin - Not Rated Black

The other things that were on my mind include but are not limited to: ESL, Rate My Professor websites, why people say things like “if you have any questions, let me know” but then give unhelpful responses to questions that are merely asking for clarification, orange peels, sleeping, reading, and whether or not “atleast” is actually a word or if, like the word “alot” doesn’t really exist the way I use it, but rather as some kind of strange creature.

No, really, I do.

This is an alot.


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