Weekend Get-a-Way

So, I had wanted to post this when it was all fresh in my mind. But the fire-breathing dragon I keep for a pet was having issues with “Vista 2012” and therefore it wouldn’t let me use the internet. Let’s not talk about that. I’m using my new laptop…I’m not sure if it’s fire-breathing yet or not…but it is very pretty…or handsome. It has yet to declare a gender. It’s shiny and fast(!) and I’m glad that I could welcome it into my home today. It doesn’t have quite the same clickety-clack of my old laptop’s keyboard, but I’m sure I will come to love it nonetheless!

Thursday evening I found myself on a plane destined for Long Beach, CA.  A wonderfully small airport about 45 minutes from where I call home. It’s not a very busy airport which makes it rather ideal for quick trips like mine.

Have you ever flown at night? How about this: have you ever flown into a city near the coastline, at night?  I have. I mean, I’ve flown at night before. It’s kind of nice. I mean, what would you usually be doing? Watching t.v.? Playing games? Chatting with friends? Facebooking? There’s not a lot that you can do on an airplane, but there is something very soothing about being on a plane. You have no obligation to do work (usually), no obligation to talk to anyone on the phone or through text/facebook. You are excused from your normal activities for the duration of your flight.  And sometimes you even get to sit next to entertaining interesting people.

Anyway, when I was flying into Long Beach it struck me that the coast and the city are incredibly beautiful. The glow of the yellow lights on what I could only guess were probably oil rigs was reflecting on the water and really looked, ironically, elegant. It was a very interesting dichotomy. I think I probably notice a little more in relation to the Senior Course I’m taking.  We had spent an hour or so earlier that day discussing the city.  These kinds of discussions will continue on through the year as we’re studying American Literature and the City. I’m rather excited about it.

Have you ever noticed that when you have moved “away” and you get to go home a visit it is sometimes much more comfortable and relaxing to be there than it was when you lived there?  I think it’s more of the fact that you are “away” from your everyday life in a setting that is just as familiar as where you live on a regular basis.  I like that feeling, the way it is calm and quiet and how there is time to reflect and breathe even.

Anyway, the whole reason I was home: the CSET. I took the CSET which, for those of you who are not from California, is the California Subject Examination for Teachers. Essentially it is another kind of SAT or ACT but it is required for those who would like to become teachers and there are different tests for different subjects. I took the 4 subtests for English which took me about 4 hours.  I feel really good about it and it didn’t seem all that hard. Which means I either did really well or did terribly, right? Haha, oh well… I won’t know my unoffficial scores until February 6, 2012. So like, a month. That’s pretty slow when HALF of the tests I took were FILL IN THE BUBBLE!! Am I right? Oh wellz, on counta the fact that I’m pretty smart I’m not gonna worry about it. And in theory if i needed to take it again I could. But as it is a pass or fail test, I’m hoping I don’t need to put down another $200 to take the exam.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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