New Beginnings!

Haha, so I’m not talking about Young Women’s and that statement is only funny if you’re an LDS girl who grew up in the church. Haha…

Today is the official start of Operation: Bikini Body!!  So I set my alarm for 6am. Woke up and decided…”nah…is too early, too dark, and tooooo coldy! I can totally sleep til 7 and stills be ready by like 9ish or 10.” So then I laid in bed til about 6:45 and realized that 1. I didn’t know where my workout clothes or shoes were. 2. I wasn’t gonna be able to go back to sleep and 3. I should just get up while I was starting to feel motivated to run.  Yes, I said motivated to RUN. From time to time I have this strange urge to run. Often it comes at very inopportune moments; like when I am already comfy in bed at 10’o’clock at night! It’s quite unfortunate. But like I said, I got up and started looking for my workout clothes all the while having a little convo with myself about what I was about to do:’re really gonna go….run?


Do you realize what time it is?

Early to rise! The early bird gets the worm and such!

But…it’s January.


It’s probably FREEZING outside!

Hm…How cold do you think it is?

23 -20.

Doubt it, there isn’t even any snow.

Fine, check the internet.

23…that’s pretty cold. Guess I’ll get to wear my new workout jacket!

I give up. Just go…

*ignorant humming as I open the door* Oh…wow…well, too late to turn back now…here we go!

Yup. So I went for a run this morning. Now I am boiling some eggs…and I may have a bit of oatmeal too.

Before I came back to school, I decided I was going to dye my hair. If you know me, I’ve always had this “super gorgeous” strawberry blonde/golden red hair color that “people pay a fortune to get.” While I love my natural hair color, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a slightly different hair color. So I decided to go auburn (Loreal Natural Instincts I think? Medium Auburn Brown). The color I ended up getting is a lot more red than I anticipated. It looks really great, but it also makes me look a bit more like The Little Mermaid. Not a complaint, simply an observation. Ariel is gorgeous and fun, if overly curious and mischievous. Which doesn’t describe me at all, right? *hee hee* But I decided this “new” woman is different. She loves veggies, has self-control against desserts, loves to workout and even run at times, and can be a “meaner,” leaner, fitter, and, of course, hotter woman than she has been. And so Operation: Bikini Body is all about chiseling away at the exterior and getting into that double-take inspiring, knee-weakening, jaw-dropping figure that I’ve always wanted.

Today should be a pretty good day. I don’t have classes on Monday or Wednesday until about mid-February. So I don’t have class today (the first day of Winter 2012 semester aka my last semester). I got my workout in. I’m eating a nice, healthy breakfast. I’ll get some hours in at work and later I’ll pack up so I can catch a flight back to CA tomorrow (for my dumb test). Oh, and I invested in a new laptop. It’ll be a lot nicer than my fire-breathing dragon that I love so much. 5 years and still going strong!!

Anywho, wish me luck, give me encouragement, and gimme tips if ya got’em. Recipes and amazing exercise moves are all welcome.

Natural hair and new hair

Say goodbye to her! 😉


One thought on “New Beginnings!

  1. Sarah you can do it, all these years that I have know you, our friendship, fights, arguments, laughter, memories, your a strong, motivated, gorgeous woman even though we live in diffrent states, have different friends, futures, I’m still here for you and your gonna do it! Try counties calories or getting a tracker it helps a lot. Take It day by day and pace yourself. For running try this walking to one song then running to another do this for 4 or 6 song it may help. I hope all is well with you and Your dreams are comming true! Have a great day and keep it up! Oh I love that color on you!!! Its so daring!

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