One More to Go

So, I managed to neglect my blog during this semester. I think that’s more because of being busy and there is also a large portion of it that stems from feeling like I have nothing to write about. I was working on a blog for class that seemed to be doing pretty well, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping it up. It just takes a lot of my spare time to read and then put up the reviews.  It was fun though.

Now that the semester is over, I’m looking at my last semester as a senior at BYU. I was super excited to come home for Christmas to see my younger brother who had his second Christmas ever and to be nice and warm.  It hadn’t snowed much in Provo before I left, and I was ever so grateful for that. On our way down, Javi came with me, we found the snow. It’s all in Southern Utah. Haha…Anyway, it’s been nice to be here.  I made some cinnamon bread, chocolate crinkles, and peanut butter squares (all the traditional sweets). We ate See’s candy – which they don’t have on the East coast apparently – and after church we had omelets AND cinnamon bread this morning for Christmas breakfast.

This Christmas season has been a very interesting one. I was super excited about Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving was over but then as it got closer and closer I think that finals started to drain me of any and all excitement. Adding in the reality of graduation and grad school applications, I just felt really overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done before February then March and then April. It’s a little strange to think that my life will be completely different in only a matter of months.  I will have a college degree and I will hopefully be starting a masters and credential program which will (hopefully) only put my in school for 1-2 more years. And if I get my way, I’ll be completing that program in Santa Barabara, CA.

But who knows where my life will go from here, right? I mean in all honesty I could go just about anywhere in the country or out of the country I suppose. I think I’d prefer to stay in the States though, for now. I was reading a book for a final for my Strengthening Marriage and Family course (Great class p.s. but you gotta take it from Larry Nelson). And part of what the book was talking about was trying to make choices that Heavenly Father would want us to make. The book asks  something along the lines of, Is the image you have of yourself the same image that the Lord has in mind for you? This is was a very interesting question to ask myself at the end of the semester. I decided that His image of me is a much more appealing version of who I am.

One of my most favorite Christmas presents this year is the “Art of Luck” bracelet that I got. It’s agate and this is what the tag said: Agate – Unexpected Miracles – Shooting Star  Wear this bracelet always and you can discover the Art of Luck. Make a wish with this Star Charm, all of your wishes and dreams can come true. Agate can attract many Unexpected Miracles into your life.  Kinda cool.  Javie’s is one that attracts love haha…

Anyway, that’s how things are going right now. I’m looking forward to new classes. Here we go!


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