The End…

I’m not entirely sure what is going on in my head tonight. Something I thought I really wanted – ended tonight. It’s funny how we think we can see things so clearly and think we know how something is going to play out. We put our hope in it. We put our positive energy into it. We go into it with heart on sleeve and somehow along the way, something gets lost in translation, something doesn’t quite catch on, and something never quite gets off the ground.  Tonight I feel like the Wright brothers testing out prototypes only this particular “invention” isn’t going to become a ground breaking travel miracle. or even a successful flight.

Well, here’s the place where I decide to start a new. I am going to really forget about this. A nice little break before school starts up again would do me good I think so it’s convenient that I’ll be driving home tomorrow. Sunshine, family, friends, and not drama. Sounds perfect.

In other news, I learned how to shoot one of those shooting alley games, where there are targets and like lasers (I wish lasers was spelled with a “z”) or lights and stuff tonight. That was kinda fun – in an ironic sort of way.

And some choose to run away from becoming great, 'cause they suck.


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