What is a praying mantis doing on the table?

So, I feel like I’ve had quite an exciting week so to speak.

Monday: I got to participate in a conference for teacher’s at work. We’re moving to a new Distance Education system and the tutors get to help out with that.  My home evening group went bowling – apparently I’m a terrible bowler – p.s.

Tuesday: Work…volleyball…and that night I went to see Cowboys vs. Aliens. It was actually pretty good in comparison to my expectations. I was a little nervous that it would totally flop, but it was actually fairly entertaining.

Wednesday: Pretty boring day, work and that was…it. Haha, I made pizza with Lela, which was AWESOME!

Thursday: Played hooky. I wasn’t feeling very well so I stayed home, did laundry, did some drawing, then went to institute. It was a good lesson. I learned to play a game called DaVinci’s Challenge. I’d never even heard of it before, but it’s a 2 person game where you have to build shapes for points. Stephen taught me to play, which might be why he won, and it was really fun. That was…a good night. 😉

Friday: Work and then I went to a wedding reception in South Jordan at Noah’s.  Christina had a very simple but nice reception. The cake was amazing.

TODAY: Today was the ward closing summer social. We had a Slip’n’Slide party with a bbq (brats [brots?] and chicken) and some water games and volleyball. We had about 40 people show. We were expecting around 60 people to show up, so it was pretty good. The slip’n’slide actually runs from the top of a pretty steep hill. Once you get going, I’m not sure stopping is possible.  Not to mention it sends you into a small (smelly!), muddy, freezing cold stream…It was pretty fun. I got thrown down it and got a small cut on my knee…and dirt in my ears. haha… I came home with some left over meat stuffz, so I have dinner tonight. We also had water balloons and dodgesponge, which is exactly what it sounds like – dodgeball with wet sponges.  I think it was a good day.  But 4 hours in the sun, 2 of those spent in front of a grill totally wiped me out. I came home, did dishes, took a shower and DIED for about 2 hours on our teeeeensy tiny loveseat. Pretzel death! haha…and now I’m fighting with my blog to 1. look appealing 2. not show an old post with tons of blank space.  And Kristi, who is probably about as conscience as I am, just hallucinated that her apple core was a praying mantis….yeah goooood day.


Some interesting thoughts I had this week.  I have been taking pictures of my outfits lately to kind of see what things look like in an attempt to be fashion aware. Then sometimes I send them to people for feedback… *shifty eyes* Anyway, I am the kind of person that wants to make sure that pictures that people see are ones that make me look good. And, what I realized the other day is that people see me the way I see myself in photos (albeit less critically probably) everyday.  They, in theory, love me the way I am and so a picture that I think is not that flattering may just be reality. Sad at times, ugly at times, or amazing, but true, reality.

Second, it is interesting to think about the number of things that can happen to a person that people would never know. I mean how often do you meet a new person who suddenly guesses what’s going on in your life?  I’ve never had a stranger guess that some kind of milestone for my life has happened recently.


So this week should be good. Not a lot planned at the moment, except for going to a concert on Wednesday. I need to find someone to go with me. It’s for the We the Kings and Hot Chelle Rae tour. SUPER DUPER EXCITED.  Then Saturday I’m driving home. Looks like I’ll be doing it alone. Strangely, my mom hasn’t fought me too hard on that. Guess it’s just another sign that I’m growing up. Haha, oh me.


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