A Few of My Favorite things for the week!

So I’ve been excessively excited by a few things the last few weeks.  I decided I should share some of these things with all of you. Whoever you are…

1. Pinterest – looking for a way to burn time, keep track of things you think are incredibly awesome (using pictures and the internet) that you can easily share with your friends and a zillion strangers with similar tastes?! Look no further. Pinterest, is the answer! I have several “boards” where I have been sorting things from recipes, to shoes, to craft ideas, and even (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) wedding ideas. I love this website. If you need an invite, let me know.

Pinterest, curate the internet!

2. Hot Chelle Rae – not sure why I like them so much just yet. They are kinda like Green Day, but not. Haha…mostly upbeat, so far no cursing that I can identify….I like their song Tonight, Tonight and also Bleed (I know sounds like a treacherous title). But they have several good songs.

Hot Chelle Rae

3. Volleyball – keeping me sane for 2 hours twice a week…haha

(Redhead University) Volleyball

I think that’s it for now… But there ya go.

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