Reflecting on the Last Few Weeks

So, since I’ve been home I’ve felt amazing! Lot’s of unexpected things have happened and I have faced them all as best as I can. Going to Europe gave me this awesome inner confidence that I may have had years ago, but had kind of lost. I feel like the sassy ginger I was born to be!

I learned a lot about myself on the trip, about what I am really capable of. I discovered new paintings that I can incorporate in my home and in my faith to teach others about Christ and so forth. I’ve also seen things that have inspired my imagination and rejuvenated my sense of self. I want to learn to cook more things, I want to be more crafty, I want to help people, and all in all I have a more optimistic albeit realistic outlook on life.

I think everyone should go to Europe at some point in their life, or at least travel to a foreign country.

Since I’ve been back in Provo, I have done some fun things. I learned to play a game called Dominion. It’s way fun. I also went to play on the rope swings in Mona. I swam across this huge pond with a friend of mine. My arms are still killing me. And my next venture will be, learning to cook many yummy food things, not just baked goods. It will be hard to resist making lots of yummy desserts, but I really should learn to make food of real sustenance, don’t you think?

I have already done some experimenting with a pomegranate cupcake recipe, but like I said I need to do some real, savory, hearty food. So my first dish will be Crispy Chicken with Creamy Italian sauce and bowtie pasta, with some yummy asparagus. I’m going to make it on Sunday. I think Sunday will just be my cooking day…or maybe Saturdays before I go play for the night…cause I have lots of time on Saturdays seeing as I don’t have any homework.

Wish me luck!

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