June 14 – Euro Disney and Nearly Dying

So, before I left I was adamant about going to EuroDisney. Ashleigh and I coordinated some things and decided to stay an extra day after the program ended to do so. (She had gone a couple times with other people prior to our trip, but it was MY first time so I was stoked…tired but still StOkEd! Haha…

Euro Disney is an interesting experience. When you stand in line in Anaheim at Disneyland, and I guess it’s probably the same in Orlando at Disney World…Everyone kind of laughs and tries to imitate the Spanish instructions, but in Paris….English is one of the alternate instructions. I was actually pretty surprised by how much was still in English, but English is one of the languages spoken in Europe, as I had forgotten due to being submersed in French for several weeks.

A lot of the attractions are the same in name, but different in construction. For example, Indiana Jones has a loop and has no story to it. You’re just on a ride. Thunder Mountain is WAY more fun in Europe….The Haunted Mansion is actually scary, in a zombies crawling after you sort of way…

We ate a lot of good food while we were there and did some shopping. I got a shirt for myself while I was there. It has the Parisian skyline, complete with the Disney Castle!

Okay, so I know the only reason you’re reading this is because of the “Nearly Dying” part…I admit to exaggeration, but it was a pretty scare experience (at the time). It was about 10’o’clock when we realized that we needed to be heading home. It takes about an hour in transit, so like ON trains/metros, to get from Disney to the hotel (the same one we’d been staying in with the program. The manager comped our stay, how awesome is that guy?) and that’s when the trains are running smooooothly. But as it gets later, the trains run with less regularity and you may have to wait longer for your connecting train. So we book it to the RER A and it takes it’s sweeeeet arse time leaving the station. We figured we’d be fine as long as we got to the RER C. So we made the connection and felt GREAT, until the RER C broke down. Yeah, 6 stops away from the cute little tram that takes us right outside our hotel and we’re stuck. We ask one of the train guys how we can get home. At first, like a jerk, he acts like he can’t understand what the hell we’re asking…but then he gave us new directions. We booked it. We end up having to take like 3 or 4 more transfers. We finally make it to our little trammy tram and to our relief we’ve made it onto the VERY LAST TRAM OF THE FRIGGIN’ NIGHT! Haha, we were really excited until we saw that it’s terminus station was one before our hotel stop. Now, apparently the guy could’ve just let us out as he passed the hotel because, the “sleeping yard” for his tram was where our hotel is. I guess we should’ve told him we were going to the Etap, then maybe he would’ve helped us. But instead he just pointed in a general direction and said it was close. Ashleigh and I, 2 rather attractive American girls who speak about a pinky nails worth of French combined start walking in the direction he points. It probably took us about 10 minutes to walk there, but it was about 2 am by the time we got back to the hotel room. In the morning we got up and made it to our respective flights…but I’ll tell ya, I was pretty tired by the time I got into Virginia.


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