June 13 – Pompidoue, Crepes, and a Boat Tour

The last day with the program was pretty interesting. We didn’t have to do anything until later in the afternoon.  I had kind of decided I wanted to go see Sacre Couer. Fortunately someone else wanted to go as well, so I went with Ashley on a wonderful hike (and that’s not an exaggeration, you go up about a zillion stairs, haha) to Sacre Couer, which is like the highest land point in Paris. It was pretty awesome.

Around 1’o’clock, we went through the Pompidou, the modern art museum in Paris.  There were some pretty cool things inside. I’m not really into all of the abstract stuff. I think it’s interesting to look at, but I don’t really think it’s all really worth museum space. Haha, I mean yes everyone should be able to create art, but I’m not sure taking a series of globes and fixating a glob of brown packing tape on to them in order to suggest corruption and pollution extending from different parts of the world. Anyway, it was interesting.

After the Pompidou we had a little more free time. People were just sort of wandering around before we went to the Paris Study Abroad apartment for crepes.  Crepes are….well they’re amazing. At least the legit ones are… haha I mean we had some EPIC crepes in Paris, and I’ll put pictures up of those, I mean. INSANE toppings and exquisite flavors.

After we ate our crepes and the rain seemed to be waning, for the time being anyway, we headed over to a dock of sorts for a river boat tour of the Seine. We got to see a lot of the Parisian sights from the boat. A lot of them, we had seen every day during our walks and excursions. But it was neat to be on a boat and just spend the end of the day together. It was really beautiful.

I was really glad to get to spend some non class time with everyone where we weren’t rushing to get to one place or sleeping between cities.  There were several people that I didn’t really get to know because I didn’t room with them or whatever. I mean, it’s not like we bonded and became best pals on the boat, but still.

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