June 11 – L’Orangerie and Versailles

So, I’m still updating about Europe because I’m a terrible procrastinator and stuff. Haha…anyway…

On Saturday, we went to L’Orangerie which is a pretty cool museum. There are a lot of Monet’s and other impressionist paintings there. And there are actually a lot of cubist painting there too.  They had Picasso paintings there that I hadn’t seen before but really liked.

After we had gotten our fill of the pieces at the l’Orangerie, we went to Versailles to see the palace of the “Sun King.” The inside and outside of the palace has a lot of gold and references to the gods of old.  Louis fancied himself as some kind of Apollo type figure. He wanted the lives of the French people to revolve around him and even designed the palace so that the first room the sun touched in the morning would be his. And once he woke up, everyone else could function. Kinda egotistical, don’t ya think? Haha…There were several rooms that were beautifully decorated. The fabrics are not necessarily original but they are genuinely antique from the time period as is the furniture that they have used to decorate each room. The place is pretty big in and of itself, but the grounds and gardens are pretty impressive as well.  There are several fountains and a lot of them have choreographed shows that go along with music.

After Versailles I went to this little crepe place near the hotel called Follies. They have the best sweet and savory gourmet crepes there! We ate there several times during our last week because it was close and SO yummy (and filling, we felt like we got our monies worth every time…). I got a Mikado crepe that night. Basically was all kinds of yumminess with chocolate, praline ice cream, vanilla ice cream and some walnuts. Also, they use this stuff called Chantilly cream, which is basically a fancy kind of whipped cream. It has a slightly different texture, but it’s really good stuff.


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