June 10, Free day?

So we were supposed to go to Versailles, but the weather looked cruddy, so we didn’t go. Instead we got a free day! I used my free day to go to one of the museums that I had missed the day I stayed home sick. So I went to the Rodin and got in for free because I’m adorable. Just kidding, I got in free because I’m an art history student. It was pretty cool. I atually really like Camille Claudet’s pieces, she was Rodin’s lover.

Aft that I went to the Louvre, they had an exhibition of Rembrandts work. He was actually pretty….obsessed? With fthe “figure” of Christ. He did several pieces in which he was trying to capture what might be thought of the personality of Christ. Ther were a lot of interesting sketches and prints. Therer was also a piece that is part of BYU’s MOA collection that was there.

I did some souvenir shopping after that and then went out for crepes. Sooo yummy. This place near our hotel called Follie’s has the best gourmet crepes with ice cream, fruit, chantilly maison, and it even has some really good savory crepes, but I got a Mikado crepe, that was mostly chocolate stuffs.


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