June 6, St Chapelle, Notre Dame, and Museé Cluny

So I decided to go “back in time” and update from the last time I wrote. So we went to Notre Dame in the morning. It was very dark inside. I expected it to be a bit brighter, but the stone inside is fairly dark, and there aren’t as many windows inside. Also, I suspect that the sun was still rather low and covered by clouds, it was kind of a rainy day.

St Chapelle was pretty cool. It was a private chapel for the king and the buildings that surround it have been turned into the Palais du Justice. So they have courts there from what I saw. The chapel itself is actually rather small, but the inside is decorated rather beautifully. I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed or impressed like I was in St Denis.

The Cluny museum was pretty cool too. I mean, I was exhausted and slightly uninterested at the time, but as I think back on it, it was kind of interesting. The Cluny is basically the Medieval Art Museum and it has a lot of really old altar pieces, manuscripts, sculptures, and paintings. They have an altar piece called a “vierge ouverturre” which means something like, open virgin. It’s basically a Madonna and Child on the outside, but when you open it, there is a depiction of the Passions of Christ. It’s very cool, but it was also pretty controversial because nothing should be able to house the Holy Trinity. There were also something called the Unicorn Tapestries. They’re kinda cool. They room they’re in is very warm and dark, I nearly fell asleep. But the tapestries are awesome considering they were woven, not paint.

So yeah….that was that.

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