Paris Holds the Key to Her Heart

So this first paragraph is going to be a little whiny. Things I miss: having my own room, having a shower that is separate from a toilet, having th ability to put things in a refrigerator, cooking, hymns in English (I know I’m terrible), sleeping in, working (just a little), swimming, driving, and being able to communicate with my friends and family via phone whenever I want. Europe is wonderful…but I do miss those things. I have been in Paris for a little over a week now. At first I didn’t like it at all. I think it might have been a slightly premature judgment. It’s possible that I was still in the honeymoon stage with London. Paris is hard. There are quite a few more metro lines in Paris than there were in Italy or even in London. And in both of those countries they announce what the stop is. Here you have to be a little more vigilant so you won’t miss your stop. Also…French is so weird. Like I can’t understand most of what people are saying. It’s so paralyzingly to realize someone is saying something to me and I have no idea what it means. And when I try to order something that is written in French, I get laughed at. It’s….great fun….for them I’m sure.

The food is not that much different. I keep thinking I want to eat something REALLY French, but I’m not even sure what that means. France = baguettes no? Haha, I’m kidding, but they do eat a lot of bread here. One of the girls I’m rooming with ate “tar tar” a few nights ago. I’m not sure if that’s actually how it’s spelled but it’s basically a wad of raw meat. She said it looked like a ball of ground beef. Ha, kinda funny. I think I’ll try to go out and do something more fun next week. Friday the Louvre will be open later so I might go to the Rembrandt show they have. And maybe I’ll treat myself to a nice dinner too. I haven’t really done that here. I have however had several delicious macaroons, one that was rose petal flavored, kinda weird but good. Totally messed with my senses because I was eating it, but it tasted like what a rose would smell like. Totally trippy. And I have had very delish Chocolate too.

There are a lot of rude people in France. But then again I was warned that that was true. I didn’t notice people being rude in Chartres, but that’s kind of a small town and I’ve been told that the rude people are mostly in Paris. But hey…only about 10 more days here so…who cares right?

The Louvre is so awesome. There are so many amazing works there. The Mona Lisa, the Raft of the Medusa, Nike, the Venus di Milo, Liberty Leading the People, Rembrandts, Davids, Girodet, and on and on and on! I was in awe. And to think I’ve been able to go there for lectures with Heather 4 times. Just blows my mind. These are pieces I may never see again in person. Which is an interesting thought.

There are a few sites I have gone to see but there still a few I would like to see. I saw Chartres and St. Denis, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and Luxembourg park; I have also seen the opera house that inspired Phantom of the Opera. We went to Malmaison, which is where Josephine Bonaparte lived when she was divorced from Napoleon. Her gardens are in poor condition, but you can tell they were once very beautiful. I would still really like to go to the catacombs, Arc de Triomph, and there’d was something else that I can’t think of at the moment. I would like to go back to the Eiffel Tower when the lights are on. I bet that’s beautiful.

Every now and then when we’re walking around, there will be people playing beautiful music. Usually it’s on a violin or an accordion. But there have been a few cellos too. It’s really cool when people play in the metro hallways so you’re greeted with this music when you’re walking from train to train.

It’s been nice to be able to chat with people since I’ve been here. We have a lot of daylight but sometimes it gets kind of creepy out in the city and on the metro. So it’s nice to be able to communicate after I get back to the apartment and know that while things go on, we’re still friends. So with all that being said, I have about 10 days left in Paris, and I will be back in Provo in 14 days. Between now and then I hope to have been to Versailles and Giverny, and seen many more wonderful things as well as eaten wonderful things.

P.S. I just got back from the catacombs and I will be going to the Eiffel Tower tonight to watch the sunset, most likely from the top. I wonder if they provide temporary boyfriends for that?













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