Milano anyone?

So Milan was great…I think? We didn’t spend too much time there and it didn’t really seem all that cool to me…. Anyway we went to a cool museum and went inside the Duomo there. It was pretty but for the first time I felt very small and insignificant when I was inside. I wondered how many people were actually turned away from the church because they felt like God and even religion were out of reach for them.

Anyway…found some cool contemporary artists that I liked that I’ll write about later and put pictures in with too… =]

Also we are in London now!! So far we were invaded by an Irishmen at the airport and then “kicked out” of a carriage because we were in the wrong carriage. Haha…whooooops. Haha it was fine though, he told us to move but that in the future we might be charged a fine. I already love London but it might just be because I can read signs and understand the people! =] church tomorrow yay!


We stayed in a pretty nice hotel….



Cathedral in Milan




Money, money, money!


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