London Bridge didn’t fall down…but it surely wasn’t all that cool.

So I wrote whilst in Milan but it didn’t post so ignore the time stamp if it seems to be the same as this one.

London was amazing. I loved being in a “foreign country” where I could understand everything. London has a lot of beautiful architecture and the tube is so very convenient. There are so many plays and musicals to see and it felt relatively safe there.

While we were there I saw so many neat paintings that I had never seen or heard of and I got to see two plays. We saw Johnny Depp, well other people saw him. I only saw his legs. But I saw James Purefoy and Siena Miller at one of the plays I watched. It was called Flare Path and was a story set in WWII. I also went to see Much Ado About Nothing with Ashley. We had to stand the entire time, but it was such an awesome show. It was hilarious.

I thoroughly enjoyed going back to just one room mate rather than 3 now I have 2 and it’s not ideal. However….it is Paris and it is beautiful here. So far my only complaint is that the people are pretty rude here. But that’s okay…I don’t have to live here haha. It’s strange to think that we have been in Europe for about 18 days and we have about 17 days left.

Apparently President Obama has been in Europe as well. He is in Paris now and we think it would be wise not to go near some of the government areas just to be safe. Interestingly enough as we were walking to church today we saw 3 armed guards. We didn’t chat with them….but it was very strange to see guys just walking around with very dangerous looking weapons on a Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow we’re taking a day trip to Chartres. It should be fun. Yesterday we went to Notre Dame. We didn’t go in but we walked around the Latin Quarter and then walked passed the Carnavalet. One of the girls had a wonderful surprise; her boyfriend surprised her here and then proposed to her on a little bridge near Notre Dame. I think it was sweet of him to come here. But it’s kind of bitter sweet to see. I’m happy for her…but I am now wishing someone would have come to surprise me. Not that I know anyone that would do something like that.

Ha, anyway…I’ll try to do better writing whilst here in Paris.


















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