Firenze Frenzy and Venezian Ventures

So Monday night we arrived in Florence around 7:30 or 8 in the evening. We were set loose in the city and went to get something to eat. It was pretty awesome. We had some good laughs and there are a lot of awesome pictures of the water too. The next morning we went to a few different places. There is the Duomo de Santa Maris Fiori which has polychroming and lots of interesting sculptures. It has way more color than I anticipated. The baptistry doors are particularly awesome as well. They are bronze and have some interesting details on them. Later we went to the Uffizi Palazzo. There are some interesting paintings in there too. I especially like Luca Signorelli’s Crucifixion with Saint Mary Magdalene. I can’t quite figure out if it is a continuative narrative with 3 scenes in 1 or if it supposed to be 3 separate figures. I’m still trying to figure that one out. After the Uffizi we got to go to the Academie which is where young artists would go to train. We saw Michelangelo’s David. It was so cool to see the veins in his arms and the detail in his face. I half expected him to walk off the pedestal.

Today we took a train to Venice. It is so gorgeous. I’ve used that word sooo many times but its true. If you never thought about going to Venice you should because the boats on the water and the waterways between walkways is so romantic. I don’t mean that in the sense that you’ll fall in love though you might. I mean that it will make you feel sentimental. We walked passed San Marco and the Doge’s Palace we actually got lost and then found our way again in the city. It was a fun adventure. Tonight will probably be kind of quiet reading, journaling, dinner out but probably not too much more exploring haha… Tomorrow we travel to Milan I’m pretty sure and then from there we fly to London!


The *best* gelato place in Rome!



Duomo in Florence


The Duomo in Florence


View in Siena


Two of Heather’s kids and I.


Train into the island.


Our room had 4 beds technically, but these are the bunk beds….


Me, silly, on a bridge. 😉


Something weird we saw whilst wandering about the canal.


Venice, at night!

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