Pompei and Napoli, Church and churches (and yes, gelato)

Yesterday was an incredibly busy and tiring day. We went to Pompeii to see the ruins. We left around 8am and headed to Termini to catch a train to Napoli (Naples) to catch a metro to Pompeii. When we got to Pompeii we got to look around. It was cool to see the layout and some of the entertainment venues. We also saw and cast of one of the unfortunate people who was there when Mount Vesuvius erupted. What they did is found a way to fill the space where a body had been with plaster and then moved the ash away. Very interesting and disturbing. We also got to see the 4 kinds of wall paintings they used to decorate their homes. It was kind of weird, but he were a ton of stray dogs wandering around the site. Kinda makes you wonder. After Pompeii we went back to Naples and went to a (slightly boring) archeological museum. There’d were some cool mosaics from Pompeii but I felt like it was just a lot if old, male, nudes. Which can get…old. Ha. Naples is kind of a sketchy place. I’m not sure if I’d go back. After Naples we went back to our residence and got ready for Night Museum. Basically we were going to do some museum hopping but it didn’t work out quite as glamorously as I had pictured it. We did visit a cool contemporary art exhibit though.

This morning we went to church. It was predominantly in Italian but they gave they gave us headsets also. After church we went and got some yummy food. I finally tried the amatriciano; it was pretty good. After that we got some gelato from Millenium Gelateria which was AMAZING!!! I got watermelon that tasted just like a real watermelon. I took a 20 min nap and then we went to a ton of gorgeous churches which I will blog about when I get back to the States and can put pictures in…. I felt a very deep reverence inside the baroque churches we went to today. They are beautifully painted and so exquisite. It was an awesome experience. Lucy, Heather’s daughter got separated from us for about 20 minutes which was pretty scary. She got left at one of the churches and we found her there. More gelato was eaten when we got back. I got chocolate orange, coconut, and lemon mixed with orange. SO FREAKING AMAZING. Then back to the residence for some salad, cheese, crackers, pruscutto, and then repacking my stuff so we can travel to Florence tomorrow.

We are going to the Vatican VERY early in the morning and then we leave for Florence around 3:30pm. Hard to believe we’ve already been here for 3 days and that we have seen soooooooooo many things that I thought I’d only ever learn about and see in books and slides.


Ginormous oranges at Pompeii








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