Ahhhhhhh!!! Where to start? I’m not sure….okay so my flights we’re pretty pleasant. The plane from SLC was tiny and they didn’t give us a snack. You could buy a bag of almonds or trail mix for $3 but I wasn’t gonna waste money on that. So I got to Chicago bought a snack despite the fact that they serve dinner on the plane. It was a good move too because our flight ended up being delayed for about an hour and a half. On that flight my neighbor was pretty friendly (a legit Italian guy too) and told me about a few dishes I should try. I’ll let ya know how that goes.

Our first day was incredible! First of all, I ended up having to navigate to the residence by myself. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. After getting settled we took the metro to the Spanish Steps and from there we did a walking tour. We went to the Trevi fountain, the Four Rivers fountain, and the Pantheon. You walk around the corner and BAM! There’s then Pantheon.

Yesterday we went to the Colosseum. When you get off on the metro exit and walk out of the station you look up and (again) BAM! It’s right there. I had no concept of how massive the Colosseum is. I mean it really is massive. And right next to it is the Arch of Constantine. From there we walked to the Roman Forum, which for the most part is made up of ruins, but we did see the Arch of a Titus and some other cool things. We went to San Pietro in Vincoli where Michelangelo’s Moses is. I think that was my second favorite site with the Colosseum a raging number one. After that we split into groups. Nit very eventful, but we decided to walk from the are we were in all the way back to Spagna where we were the night before to go to the Villa Borghese. This is a huge estate with 3 of Bernini’s more well known sculptures in it. We also some Caravaggio paintings. But not the ones I really like. After the Borghese we went back to the residence, did some grocery shopping for tomorrow and then got the net up so there was lots of socializing between rooms as people figured that whole thing out and then contacted people back home.

The food thus far: amazing. The first night we had margherita pizza which is just cheese despite what CPK would lead you to believe. It was soooo good!! We also got some carbanara pasts. A lot of the food they make they put pruscutto in. Let me tell you pruscutto is one of the best kinds of ham I have EVER tasted. The gelato is really good to. Yesterday I had a panini and fanta. The fanta tastes better here but is a slightly different color. So far I’ve had 3 types of gelato. Kiss, lemon, and frutti di bosco! Not all together though. Kiss was kind of a chocolate flavor. But I did have the lemon and frutti di bosco together. That was good. Frutti di bosco is like mixed berry or something. Ugh, my goodness.

Today we’re going to Naples and then Pompeii. We’ll be eating out there and I’m pretty excited to try a new pasta maybe. We’ll be seeing lots of old architecture. And some churches. Tonight we’re probably going to go to some museums here in Roma. There is this city wide event where from a about 8pm to 2am most if not all the museums will be open and free to the public. Sooo excited for that.

A funny story before I get ready to go. When we were at the Pantheon, this guy came up to us to pitch us a deal for a party. We told him we don’t party and he was like, “Are you guys Mormons?” We all proudly said yes and then he asked if we were all Mormons. It was pretty humorous.

Anyway time to be off. We leave in about an hour!!!


This is the view from the window of our residence.


This is a cool fountain,  The Four Rivers


The Colosseum, duh!


Poppies near the Roman Forum


The whole group sitting in front of San Pietro

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