Oooh, Pretty Lights!

So, the last time I was pulled over, I was 16 or so and I nearly cried. The motorcycle cop was a real jerk. I remember at one point a police cruiser pulled behind us and I swore I was going to jail. Haha…funny now that I think about it…

Anyway, one of the things I pride myself on is that I haven’t been pulled over in Utah.  Now I can’t say that anymore, but I can still say I’ve never gotten a ticket.  I was thinking to myself, as the officer came to my window that this should be pleasant and yes that was definitely sarcasm…haha.  So anyway, the officer was actually going the opposite way when he clocked me and then he turned the lights on and flipped around to get me.  So he came up to window and asked for my license. Asked me if the car is mine. I gave him my license and told him that it is registered in my mom’s name. He said that was fine, went back to his car and then came back to talk to me after a bit. He was nice for a police officer, but it looks like I’ll be going to traffic school soon.


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