The Girl Behind the Blog

So, it occurred to me that whomever might randomly read my blog might want to know a little bit about me.  That’s a strange sort of thought, but nonetheless here is a little about me.

I am the only daughter in a family of 7, I guess.  I have 2 older brothers and a younger brother. My parents are divorced and have been for several years. My dad is remarried and he and his wife had a little boy last year.  He’s adorable and I love him!  It has been fun to be a “big sister” even though I’m rarely ever around to play.  College sucks, eh? (But it also means I don’t have to do the gross stuff like diapers!)

I am going to school to receive a Bachelors in English (general English, no I don’t have a focus…) with 2 minors (Visual Art and Art History). The plan is to become a high school English teacher and some day maybe work in some kind of Admin position in a school system.  That’s mostly due to some awesome teachers I had in high school.

I grew up in Southern California, about an hour away from anything you want to see (minus San Diego). I played volleyball and swam competitively in high school.  I think volleyball is one of the best sports ever and one of the only ones I’ve ever remotely excelled in.

I have red hair, hence the Gingerisms…I think I will use this blog first to document my adventures on Study Abroad in the Spring. Second, to document silliness and treasures from the internetz, and lastly, do document strange things that have happened or happen due to being a ginger kid. (Granted, the ginger experiences won’t really be frequent with the city I’m living in now….but hey that’s okay.)


So there you go, daughter, artist, art historian, future English teacher, volleyball player, swimmer, Ginger kid = me in a web-formatted nutshell.


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