Hello world!

So, here I am, a senior in college.  Soon, I’ll be a super senior and I have to admit that I still choose not to pay attention class! Haha, well I’m sort of paying attention…but my mind is pretty overwhelmed with some pretty exciting things.

I’m sure people are wondering why they should follow my blog, not that I really care if you read my blog or not. But, the reason I started this blog is: I’M GOING TO EUROPE!

Yes, I’m going to be traveling to Italy, England and France on a European Art History Study Abroad and I’m going to see all the art I can possibly handle.  I’m also going to eat spectacular food!

So the Study Abroad is not the only reason I’m going to be blogging.  I think it’s a good way to share things with people. That’s all.

Blogs are a strange creature aren’t they?

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